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PondMedics is set to deliver the first Truxor T-series machines to North America in February. These T-series machines are being delivered to private companies within the southern United States to be used on private pond, lake and wetland projects for the purposes of aquatic vegetation harvesting, maintenance dredging and wetland management. In the U.S., we like to refer to the Truxor machine as an amphibious skid steer. The ability to traverse land and water in addition to its variety of interchangeable tools makes it the perfect fit versatility in managing North America’s surface water assets.

Historically, the 5045 Truxor model is the most popular model sold in the U.S. over the last 10 years. It was powered by a reliable Kubota four-cylinder diesel engine. In 2019, Truxor’s were not allowed to be imported into the U.S. due to tightening EPA emissions standards, but the new T-series Truxor was built to exceed EPA emission requirements. The new line of Truxor’s includes diesel and a petrol (gasoline) motor that complies with U.S. EPA emissions standards.


The T-series line contains 4 new models – T20, T30, T40, T50. Production on the T20, T30 and T40 began in October 2019 and the T50 production will begin spring/summer of 2020. Unique to this series of machines, the T30 is powered by a Kubota WG105-G-E3 gasoline engine. This engine, paired with an electronic variable displacement hydraulic system allows the engine to be run at lower RPM’s while the hydraulic torque curve runs at peak performance without overloading the powerplant.

Unique to the T30, a digital, touchscreen panel replaces the analog gauges of the previous models. This display will enable the machine operator to control the powerplant and hydraulics for optimal performance.

For diagnostics, the operator can pair his/her smartphone to the machine whereby the dealer and factory can connect in real- time to troubleshoot problems or help optimize machine production.


Also new for 2020 is an enhanced tool carrier lift arm in the front of the machine. This heavy-duty bracket has twice the lifting capacity as previous models and the quick attach system includes built-in safety mechanisms to secure attachments to the machine.

Several new tools have been included in the release of the new T-series line of Truxor. The ESM 30 cutting unit features double-action Busati knives that have a larger opening between the teeth as compared to the ESM 20. The ESM 30 is the perfect choice for cutting course, woody aquatic vegetation with diameters up to 20 mm.

The Truxor is an amphibious tool carrier made by Dorotea Mekaniska, AB, based in Sweden. PondMedics, Inc. is a trained, factory-certified dealer for Truxor from Texas to California, including Mexico. PondMedics has been selling, servicing, operating and renting Truxor machines in the U.S. since 2014.

For Truxor sales inquiries, project contracting or rentals, contact us today!  Used equipment for sale, depending upon availability.