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Shoreline clean up. Couldn't fish yesterday from the bank, but they can today! ...

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All in a day's work... 250+ acre ANS survey, 1.5 mile drainage channel maintenance and herbicide treatments on 5 golf course ponds. We'll work into the night by meeting with a client figure out how best to execute a 5,000 cubic yard dredging project with success in a situation that will require the strong coordination of different federal, state and municipal jurisdictions - our engineering experience put to work! ...

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Here's a stormwater conveyance channel clogged with wetland plants and no conventional way of mowing or maintaining them. Without mowing and maintaining the drainage channel, water doesn't flow properly, mosquitos breed, trash collects and flooding occurs. Killing the wetland plants with herbicides creates erosion and sedimentation issues. Leaving root systems in place by mowing the channel creates a better functioning drainage channel all around. DON'T SPRAY THEM! MOW THEM! ...

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